Services for homeowners

Landing can help you through the whole process of renting your home to a trusted local in Tahoe. We want to make it easy and cheaper to rent your home and we work with you to offer you only the services you need. Whether you are a remote landlord or live locally we have a suite of services and partners to ensure your home is well taken care of.

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Services for Self-Managed Properties

Listing and Screening Applicants

Preparing your listing: We’ll work with you to gather photos, set pricing, and write a beautiful description of your home.

Listing: We list your property on 5+ sites (including Craigslist, Trulia, Zillow, Facebook, and others) to ensure we can reach many prospective tenants.

Screening: We filter through all the responses, screen applicants, and prepare 3-5 qualified tenants who come to you prepped with a full rental application (including employment/income verification, credit report, and references).

Flat fee: $350


Showing Your Home and Tenant Recommendation

Coordinate viewings: We coordinate up to 5 viewings of your home to prospective tenants, including evenings and weekends.

Additional screening: We review the tenants application packet, meet them face-to-face, and make a recommendation to you.

Setting expectations: We explain to the potential tenant through what is expected of them during their lease (clearing decks in the winter, clearing defensible space in the summer, etc.)

Flat fee: $350


Lease Preparation and Deposit

Lease prep: We help you craft a lease with specific callouts for tenant responsibility including snow removal from decks, defensible space, and other specifics for your house.

Deposit and Rent Collection: We help set expectations with tenant on what will be considered normal wear and tear vs. damages the tenant will be responsible for. We also can help set you up with an online platform to collect deposit and setup auto-pay of the rent.

Flat fee: $100

Services for Remote Landlords

Working with Granite Peak Property Management in Truckee, Landing can offer you inspections and local point of contact services to give you piece of mind that your home is in good hands while being rented out.


Local Point of Contact

As a remote owner we know how stressful it can be to get a phone call in the middle of the night from your tenant. Let Granite Peak’s best-in-class operations team manage your home

  • Local point of contact for your renter (24/7 phone number)

  • On-staff operations team to handle any repairs (inquire for fees)

  • In winter, drive by after each big storm (within 10 days)

  • Inform landlord of any dangerous snow loads on roof and snow build up above 3 feet on decks

Flat Fee: $250 per lease + $500 deposit for repairs


Move-in Inspection:

Typically takes 6-9 hours and includes a full inspection of the house prior to tenants moving-in and includes:

  • Documenting any existing damages room-by-room in detailed report (provided to landlord)

  • Documenting all appliances and furnishings remaining and condition

Fees vary: $200 base fee + $50/bedroom (furnished) or $25/bedroom (unfurnished) + $50/garage spot

Example: Unfurnished 3 bedroom house with 1 car garage — $200 + $75 (bedrooms) + $50 (garage) = $325


Move-out Inspection:

Typically takes 6-9 hours and includes a full inspection of the house prior to tenants moving-in and includes:

  • Within 10 days of move-out do a full inspection of house

  • Compare move-inspection report and document any damages beyond normal wear and tear

  • Give estimates of repairs that might need to be done

  • If needed, execute repairs (additional fees apply)

Fees vary: $200 base fee + $50/bedroom (furnished) or $25/bedroom (unfurnished) + $50/garage spot

Example: Furnished 3 bedroom house with 2 car garage — $200 + $150 (bedrooms) + $100 (garage) = $450


Other Services

Repairs: If your house needs any repairs we have relationships with several honest licensed contractors in the area who work for very reasonable fees.

Professional photography: If you need photos for your listing, we can arrange a professional real estate photographer to take photos.

Cleaning: We can arrange cleaners to get your house ready for tenants to move in.

Removal of furnishings: If you are renting unfurnished, we can help arrange movers/storage for your furnishings.

Prices vary, contact us today!