An innovative approach to the housing crisis in Tahoe.

The idea for Landing started shortly after we moved to Truckee in Fall 2018 to start a family in the mountains. We had assumed it would be easy to find a long-term rental. Boy, were we wrong! We soon found that we weren’t alone in the struggle to secure a home. We also discovered that there is a high percentage of homes in the area that are vacation homes that sit empty much of the year — sometimes for a whole season. That was when the lightbulb went off and the idea for Landing was born. Through an innovative approach and trusted online platform, we hope to connect vacation-home owners and renters with the goal of finding all people stable housing in Tahoe — whether that’s seasonal or long-term.

Kai & Colin Frolich




Colin Frolich

Chief Executive Officer


Kai Frolich

Chief Impact Officer


Evan Goldin