Introducing Landing

Matching vacation-home owners in Truckee with locals looking for seasonal or long-term housing

The Problem in Truckee

Building hasn’t kept up with local housing needs, while thousands of vacation homes sit empty.


Building costs are skyrocketing and developers aren’t building enough housing

Idle homes

More than 50% of Truckee’s current housing stock sits empty the majority of the year


More than 6,000 people commute into North Lake Tahoe each day from out of the region

The Solution

Landing partners with vacation-home owners who are willing to open their homes up to locals who need seasonal and long term housing in Truckee. We work with homeowners on everything:

  • Setting the right price and length of the lease
  • Setting up a flexible lease so you can still use your home when you want
  • Connecting with an accredited local property manager
  • Matching with a local employer who signs the lease for their employees


Partnering closely with the Tahoe Truckee Community Foundation, Landing was started by Kai and Colin Frolich to bridge the gap between underutilized second homes and locals who need seasonal and long-term housing. Landing identifies and works with vacation homeowners in Truckee and offers them a guaranteed and protected revenue stream from their properties. We work directly with employers to vet and qualify renters, create flexible lease arrangements, and provide a place for homeowners and property managers to list their properties — with the goal of building a trust-based online platform for mountain housing.